Why Use Bend A Shed

Structurally engineered for superior strength...

  • Our engineering staff meticulously designed a truss and bracket system perfect for DIY building with professional results.
  • Bend A Shed brackets fit 2"x6" boards for extra strong construction.
  • The Angled Bracket wraps completely around the wood to transfer joint strength directly into the 20 gage (.036") thick Galvanized Carbon Steel Flex (GCS-Flex) material.
  • The T Bracket creates a double gusset for strong edge to edge connections.
  • The high pitched roof created by the Angled Brackets has a high load carrying capacity advantage and in addition makes for handy extra overhead storage space.

Designed for highly customizable and hassle free construction...

  • Aligning features built into Bend A Shed brackets ensure the correct angles and lengths without the need to miter angles.
  • With the combined strength of the 2"x6" boards and Bend A Shed brackets, wall studs can be up to 10 feet apart, which saves on materials and time.
  • Bend A Shed brackets enable erector set like joints, so you can build sheds, green houses, chicken coops, gazebos...
  • Simple construction should make even complicated sheds into weekend projects.
  • Bend A Shed brackets store flat for easy storage and are easily bent accurately by hand to fit the wood perfectly every time. If a mistake is made just unbend and start again.

Bend A Shed is at your service...

  • Download an ever expanding list of plans from our website.
  • Get in contact with our engineers for assistance.
  • Show off your skills and unique structures. Send us your pictures or videos and we'll share them in the Gallery section.
  • If you're not the DIY type we can help find someone to build it for you.